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Meet the Bignote


Jennifer Matthews

Founder & Executive Producer

As one of Australia’s only award-winning female producers, Jennifer has been the driving force behind Bignote's achievements since founding the studio in 1998. Throughout her career, Jennifer has developed the talents of countless performers, produced an array of successful albums and has released more singles and EPs than most can boast! She’s the overseer of every session, lending her voice, invaluable expertise and skill to your project.

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Paul "Smudge" Harris

Founder & Chief Engineer

Smudge knows that the key to a great mix is not just about having technical and musical skill, but also weaving an in-depth knowledge of musical genres and instruments to the fabric of each song.  More than 40 years of performance and production insight goes into Smudge's work. Classically initiated, he has worked with the gamut of genres including Rock, Pop, Country, Jazz, R&B... the list goes on!  Smudge creates original mixes based on each client's specific artistic requirements - no corners are cut at Bignote.

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Tim Goodburn

Audio Engineer & Songwriter

Tim is a seasoned multi-instrumentalist, performer and engineer who has moulded the recording careers of many a musician - industry rookies and veterans alike. Regarded as one of the Gold Coast's friendliest and most enthusiastic songwriters, Tim is genre-fluid and loves bringing new music visions to life. If you are just starting to dip your toes into the world of songwriting and recording, Tim will help you take the big plunge.

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Artist Manager & Session Musician

Classically trained yet forged in the fires of heavy metal, CJ knows exactly what it takes to crack into the music industry and its many niche markets. If you need a seasoned professional  to guide you through the competitive, tricky world that is the music business, CJ is your Yoda. This lovely Viking has built a reputation as one of the best drummers in South Queensland's music scene - and he is also available for hire as your next session drummer.

Peter Aaron King

Audio Engineer & Songwriter

The musical presence of Peter King can best be presented in the word "Eclectic"

After a 16 year stint living and working in Music City USA (Nashville TN).

Peter has lent his talents to some of the most prominent artists world wide including:

Stevie Nicks, Belle Mt, Leah Haywood, Paulini, Adam Brand, Wynonna, Ministry of Sound, The Mavericks, Hillsong / United

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Paris Faint

Creative & Brand Manager

Making musicians look good is what Paris does best. With a background in journalism and publishing, her skills range from copywriting and graphic design to public relations and liaising with media - all of which are now in the service of promoting Bignote's musicians. If you're in the market for a new branding concept, business card, website, press kit, social media strategy, media training or more, Paris will be your creative chameleon.

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Zak Esam

Videographer, Photographer & Designer

No muso gets very far without a face. By this, we mean video clips, photos, album art, merchandise and more.  Enter Zak Esam, Founder of Temenos Production House. Zak is devoted to creating stellar visuals for each client. He has a knack for provoking emotions worth evoking and telling the stories that are worth telling. Photos and videos are by far the world's favourite way to consume content, and Zak knows how to capture the ones that stand out.

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Now you know who we are, find out more about what we can do for you

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